Tuesday, April 12, 2011

White Petals

I'm as innocent as a white petal floating in the wind.

I'm finally back on The Thrift Collective scene, though nearly my every outfit of every day is laden with thrifts. I've been absent from this wonderful hub for money-conscious fashionistas, but that doesn't mean I've been absent from the thrift world. Thrift left, thrift right! Here's another outfit full of thrifted treasures--all from the local Seattle Goodwill. As always, it does good will to my closet. I'm wearing a thrifted sheer white dress with a lace-hemmed slip and a thrifted shearling-detailed coat. I packed on the white layers with hoodies, leg warmers, and little trinkets for my thrifted knit bag--is it called thrifting if I'm rummaging through my boyfriend's house looking for non-used and deserted items? Yes. Just because it's not in a handy dandy full-of-wonders thrift store, doesn't mean you can't thrift it and give it a new home--A.K.A. your closet. Hardcore thrifters will look almost anywhere for a good find. 
My dress is actually an XXL blouse, and my coat is, like always, two sizes too big. I can't stress enough how important and fun it is to look beyond your size--or before it! Find smaller sizes and use them as crop-tops. Use bigger sizes for dresses or comfortable fits. My mom and my boyfriend always think I'm crazy--until I put it on. More often than not, you'll surprise even yourself. The possibilities are endless. For more pictures and information about how I put this outfit together and using what, visit Fashionwrites

Be on the lookout for my upcoming post about Bellevue Goodwill's Designer Label Sale. Marc Jacob's blazer and matching Nicole Miller pumps...sigh and drool...

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