Monday, April 11, 2011

Vintage Oroton Glomesh Bag

Possibly my best find to date. Oroton Glomesh bag, with its original packaging and leaflet inside

Oroton; one of Australia's leading designer and maker of luxury handbags. I saw a similar bag, with damage, selling for $65 in Salvos last week. On eBay, they can sell for up to $200. This one set me back $20, which is a lot more than I usually pay for anything second hand, but sometimes, you just have to stretch your budget, right?

In other news, I picked up a crochet blanket, and kilt, and a hat pattern.

The crochet granny square blanket, labeled '$1 dog blanket' because of disrepair, but I've already fixed it up with a little sewing.

Before repair

I picked up the vogue accessory sewing pattern for a big 50c! Check out the purple hat, middle, bottom row...
More over on my blog

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