Friday, April 22, 2011

The Things That Call Us Back

Have you ever had this experience? You're at your favorite thrift store and come across a what's-it or a neato vintage gazingus pin, but you decide to pass on it. Maybe you can't think of what you'd use it for, maybe you think you don't need it, or it's too pricy for something that'll probably just sit and collect dust.

Then, maybe a day or two later you find yourself thinking about that what's-it more and more. Perhaps you begin to come up with all sorts of reasons why you should go back and get it. Maybe you think of a terrific craft idea and that gazingus pin would be perfect.

You begin argue with yourself. You tell yourself that you don't need it for any reason. You have plenty of whats-its and gazingi and and don't you have enough thrift stuff already?

After the angel side of you has had her say, maybe your other side saunters into your thinking and says if it's still there, then it's meant to be. So you go back. 

As you walk through those doors you begin to doubt that it's still there. You're sure someone much smarter and quicker and resourceful took advantage of your wishy-washy shopping ways and bought it.

You hurry to the whats-it aisle where you first saw it. You might be in a silent panic. Disappointment is starting to close in around your eyes. 

It's not there! 

Disappointment now floods your feelings center and has spilled over into your creativity tank because now you can think of no less than 1 millions reasons why you should have bought it when you had the chance. 

You give one more look around and decide to leave, but wait!

There it is!

Someone moved it.  Ha! It was probably you when you unshopped it.  

Anyway, there it is. It's been waiting for you to rescue it. 

It's a magical thrift moment. Every time this happens to me (at least one a week)  that Peaches & Herb's Reunited song kick on:

     Reunited and it feels so good.

Well, that's probably just me singing it in my head.

My latest calling was this funky sugar pot sans lid. I am repurposing it to hold a plant.

What thrifted whats-its have called you back?


  1. Many things have called me back - some I've lost others I've rediscovered. The one that got away? A sweet Meakin triplet from the 1950s with poodles on it. Only £5 but we were shopping for something else. We couldn't find what we wanted so we went back to the stall and obviously it had gone :( The one that didn't get away? Well I collect old photographs and slides. I found a box of Novosto Russian slides from the 1970s - but could only afford a couple of them. I posted them on Flickr and a git went to try and find them and buy the rest up - thankfully I hadn't said where they were and managed to get the whole set a week later when I'd been paid :)
    Love your little pot btw. So cute.

  2. I went back for these teak candle holders TWO TIMES. WHY did I not pick them up the first time? I have no idea. Why did no one else pick them up? I have no idea. Clearly the mid-century modern goddess knew they should be in my house. LOVE THEM.


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