Monday, April 18, 2011

The $6.99 Homage

Once upon a time, when crochet and knitting was out of fashion, one could pick up a crocheted or knitted afghan for about $.99. 

But needle crafts/art is in a heyday again. Thrift stores aren't nearly as ignorant about pricing as they used to be, dang it. Seems like the thrift stores--Goodwill Specifically--is pretty adept at pricing handmade textiles for maximum dollars. 

These days a well crafted crocheted afghan sells at Goodwill for $6.99. My inner thrift matron says "Outrageous," but my inner needle crafter says "Look at the work that went into this beauty, you better buy it before some snatches this work up." 

Yes folks, the days of 50 cents or a buck is long over at these stores. 

And you know what, though? I'll pay the $6.99.


Because a well made hand crocheted or knitted textile is a still a terrific bargain at that price. 

I am an intermediate to advanced crocheter and a beginning knitter. I know the price of yarn. One skein of middle to high quality yarn can cost $6.99. I know the skills it takes to make these articles, I know the time it takes, and most importantly, I know how unfun it is to sew all the pieces together.  

Sewing a zillion crocheted motifs alone is worth $6.99. I am just sayin'.

So when I found this vintage crocheted pineapple lap afghan I didn't flinch at $6.99, I bought it. Of course, one has to have an appreciation for all things groovy. I don't know many who care for these colors, but I just love The Groovy Pineapples.

These pineapple motifs take a bit of skill especially with this puff stitch middle. I'd go crazy making them.

And yesterday I found this soft knitted oval beauty in 100% tiny garter stitch. Someone had a lot of skill and time on her hands.  

I couldn't tell if it's a shawl, a lap blanket, a baby blanket or what.It's long enough to drape over each end of my dining table, but narrow like a table runner.

I couldn't tell if it's vintage but I that would just be a bonus. I fell in love with its light yellowy cream color, soft texture, and simple stitch. 

It's a table runner or table cloth now. 

It's nice to pay a little homage to the women (or men?) who made these pieces by giving these items a prominent place in my home.


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