Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Thrifty Finds # 16 - Mine, mine, mine...!

I had a predominantly selfish little thrift session yesterday! I couldn't help it, I just kept seeing things that I had been on the lookout for or desperately wanted needed...(ahem)...

When I put everything together there was a real spring feel to alot of what I'd been drawn to. Something my subconscious is trying to articulate maybe?
  • I adore the vintage bedlinen. Gorgeous colours and print, and the brain's already working away as to what I can make from it. (It's a kingsize flat sheet and 2 pillowcases so plenty to play with, and a good weight and drape too)
  • I found a couple of nice silky cami tops for the summer and a few bits to add to my restyle pile (that I have big plans for!!) but ran out of light to photograph the rest of the clothing properly.
  • Ceramic soap dispenser. (It'll just look much nicer than the plastic bottle currently sittiing on our drainer..and for 50p...)
  • A dreamy baby pink vintage Pyrex casserole dish. Came in it's original box. Soooo sweet.
  • Retro jelly shoes! I had some of these when I was a kid. These ones have never been worn, and will come in super handy since the beaches where we live are largely shingle. (Ouch, oooh, ah, ouch...that was me all summer last year...)
  • Melamine plates. Perfect for summer picnics and garden parties. Gorgeous colour and floral motif.
So how about it?  Feeling summery yet?


  1. What lovely finds. I'm loving the pyrex and plates, very cool. Show us the restyling later as well - good thrifing!

  2. Love the sheet. I buy cool looking sheets to make into skirts, aprons, I even made a dress out of one. That one would make an awesome firty skirt.

  3. ok I will be leaving my address in your e-mail so you can send me that pyrex dish!!!

    My mouth dropped when I saw it!!!!!

    great finds! they all have a lovely spring feel, which I love!!!

    The Joyful Thrifter

  4. omg you found old jellies! and in great condition! so jealous, i used to love my old jellies!

  5. ooooo pink pyrex ((swooonn))) and i love the linens!


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