Friday, March 11, 2011

a kitchen prayer of kitschiness

I felt like I was in kitschy kitchen heaven when I found these two darling items at my local Sally Ann this morning. I spent a grand total of $1 (Canadian). I would've spent more, but happily forked over the Loonie.

I love vintage linens. There's something so joyful about them. The cocky rooster and garden-themed images on the tea towel jumped out at me and said, "you must bring me home now now now!". I complied.

I am also a bit of a nut for owls. I saw the Kitchen Prayer owl and said something akin to "oh! how cute!" out loud when I picked it up. It measuring spoons fit snugly in its side, and I believe in the prayer on its belly.

Kitchen Prayer
Bless my little kitchen, Lord
And those who enter in
May they find naught
But joy and peace
And happiness there-in

kitschfully yours,
Caren of Tea & Chickadees and The Vintage Apartment


  1. Extremely jealous of those finds. I can't believe the owl had all it's spoons! Congrats!

  2. I love both! But that cute owl with the measuring spoon feature is so unique - good find!


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