Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Industrial Modern

How fun are these chairs?
I stumbled upon these industrial lime green beauties at a thrift shop earlier this week.
They were manufactured by Steelcase and have the copyright date of 1975.
They were really dirty, but a little elbow grease did wonders!!!
I also happend upon this sweet little mid-century gold magazine rack/telephone table this week too.
It needs to be sanded down and coated with some fresh paint, 
but should be cute as a button once its done.
Maurice Duchin Telephone Table
I'd love to stick the chairs in my Etsy shop, but think shipping would be a pain... 
does anyone have much luck selling on Craigslist???
It's been a while since my last post, so hope your all doing great :-)
Cheers ~ Lara at NowSoLA Vintage


  1. I love the magazine rack. Really cool as is.


  2. I've been selling some stuff on craigslist since the move. It's been pretty successful so far. Give it a shot.

  3. That magazine rack is a great find, have been looking for that one for awhile. I think it's a telephone table, believe it's Richard Galef's Ravenware. Scott from Sllab has written about it, check on his site.

  4. Wow! Thanks so much! I'll definitely check it out :-)

  5. I have that EXACT SAME magazine holder!!!!! Now I know what in the heck it is.

  6. It is a telephone table and it is a COPY of the telephone table designed by Richard Galef for his Ravenware line. This version executed by Maurice Duchin (one of the major manufacturers of mid century wrought iron accessories) circa 1964.


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