Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Friday Finds: patterns, stash and a book on birds


This batch of Friday Finds includes two patterns. The first is just for a dress I find cute but the second is for some Vogue trousers. At the moment I still believe that I will make trousers with this pattern but even if I never do i found this great little idea of framing pattern covers on Shelley Inspired via The Decorologist and Pinterest.

Refashion stash

I also bought these two shirts and a sweater for my refashioning stash. The blue silk shirt gave me an idea for another refashion I am doing with a top. I would have loved to be able to unravel the sweater but alas it is too felted for that. So I am thinking about it for a cardigan refashion because I do so love the colour.

Refashion stash

Refashion stash

Finally, we have the garden birds book. When I first opened this I was struck by all the drawings of birds so it has gone to my book/paper stash for furniture refashions. John loves birds so maybe I will make something for him out of it.


If you are interested in the things I make out of my thrifted items, please visit me ad say hello on Grey Duckling.


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