Saturday, March 19, 2011

Eloise Porcelain Tea Tray / Hippie Dippie Trash Can

It was a good day in Yuma at the Goodwill and Hospice Thrift! Got some neat old books but these two other finds were my favs. The first is an Eloise "Oooooo I Absolutely Love Tea Parties!" mini tea tray, porcelain, an actual Eloise Collection release. It was made about the time that the Eloise movie came out and The Plaza Hotel had these produced (I think anyway as I couldn't find more than one on the internet). I found only one other on the internet and it was $35.00. I paid $2.00! The trash can is absolutely 1970's - it is metal and was actually made in the USA. Now there's a rare thing anymore. The picture shows some soiling I didn't wash it yet I was too excited to post it here. It is in wonderful condition only a few chips and rubs. Will look very cute in my "girly" bathroom. It was $1.99.

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