Sunday, March 20, 2011

Copper Pot Delight!

copper pots

copper measuring cups

I ended up having to put some copper back, there was so much copper to be had whilst I was thrifting this weekend. I am probably going to regret not getting all the vintage copper goodness, but what I did bring home was 3 mini copper pots, 1 medium sized copper pot, and a set of copper measuring cups.
As soon as I brought them home, I had to take some photos of them in the sun. I love how copper shines in the sunlight! These will all sit so prettily in a window sill.


  1. Oh wow ~ how awesome to find such cooper goodies! Lucky you!

  2. Now THAT is some truly impressive treasure!!

  3. I really do wish I got the giant copper kettle & the other copper pot & the frying pan ... but a girl shouldn't be too copper greedy! ;)

  4. beautiful. how in the world do you keep them from all getting tarnished and icky? do you polish them weekly? i love copper too, but i just can't be bothered with all the upkeep . . .

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