Thursday, March 3, 2011

Better with Before Pics

This is a double post from my blog but I thought you guys might be interested .

 A while back I found this brass bust of JFK while thrifting. He was attached to this wooden weirdo base and had some odd stains on his head (insert tasteless assassination joke here).  Today I was going through some stuff and was about to put the 35th president in the sell pile but then thought "maybe I can clean him up a bit".

Like the title of this post implies, it would be much better with before pics, the best I can do is this one:

He's off the wooden base but in some serious need of cleaning. Now normally I don't like to polish brass. I just prefer the way it looks tarnished but I thought I'd give it a whirl:

Not too shabby right?

I let him sit in a bowl of warm water and Bar Keeper's Friend, then I used the paste of powder that had formed of the bottom of the bowl and cleaned him up. The strange stains came right off.

Actually they came off in one piece leading me to believe they were glue or something like it. Mr. President polished right up and of course I'm not giving him up now.

All of that leads me to this: My favorite cleaning products (boy I wish I was getting paid for this)...

I think these are the four hardest working products you can use. 

Magic Eraser: Great for cleaning off dried paint, food bits off of Pyrex, weird gunk etc. I haven't found one thing that I couldn't clean with a Magic Eraser. FYI: The knock-off ones from Target work just as well.

Bar Keeper's Friend: Fantastic for cleaning and polishing brass, porcelain and any unidentified metal.

Murphy's Oil Soap: Great for cleaning up wood floors and furniture. I just used it on a bench I've had for years and was amazed how much cleaner and brighter the Murphy's made it.

Howard Feed-N-Wax: Usually if I'm using the Murphy's I'm using the Feed-N-Wax after it. It rehydrates  dried up wood, shines it up and makes it look amazing. I even used it on my new chairs, usually the normal thing to clean up fiberglass chairs is petroleum but the Feed-N-Wax worked like a charm. It restored the shine and filled in a lot of scratches.

Worth a mention is the Tibetan Almond Stick. It's a fantastic smelling stick that fills in scratches and dings on wood.


  1. ooh, I have never used or even hear of feed and wax! I will have to try it. Murphys and Barkeepers and of course Mr Clean are my best friends. I still can't give up my Pledge orange, no matter what. I love it best on my non wood things, like my Silestone countertop, glass top tables and stainless kitchen sink :o)

  2. I love Barkeepers Friend. I have used it on my pyrex, it did not hurt far...but I wonder if I should stop? I used it twice after making a messy meatloaf in my pink loaf pyrex. I used the liquid bartenders because the powder gives me chills...LOL.


  3. Simple vinegar & salt soak works for brass cleaning too =)

    Found you through flickr - LOVE thrifting =)


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