Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Wise Old Owls...yep, more owls.

I found some cuties while treasure hunting this week.....

Wouldn't he be a welcome addition to any owl collection?

 These cuties are super heavy.  Chalkware and so mysterious with their reddish eyes.

 This one is a Courac of Monterey Serving Tray.  The owl is inlaid in the plastic and had several rhinestones around the owl design.  Very retro and very cute.  His eyes are mesmerising.

These are all listed in my Etsy Shop, Girlie Girl's Notions and Vintage Kitsch.


  1. wow! such a big collection! I just blogged about my first owl :) I love him! I wonder what makes them so cute?

  2. I always look out for the lovely little owls that I see in different blogs, but have yet to find a good one yet. I know I will someday.

    Loved your post!

    The Joyful Thrifter


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