Tuesday, February 8, 2011

This weekends loot!

Hi there, this is Mandi @ make it dear and this is my first post on The Thrift Collective! I love seeing all of the great finds here and just wanted to share some shots of my pretty things from this weekend! Some of them will be in my shop [that I just opened...2 days ago :)!!] and some I had to keep for myself....

Hope you had a thrifty weekend! h&k, Mandi


  1. Oh, you lucky duck!! I've been searching for flower pins like that for soooo long! Love your other finds too!

  2. Welcome to the Thrift Collective & such fun finds!
    Good luck on your shop!!!

  3. Mandi, Welcome! and congrats on the new shop!

    I was *just* reading this blog post about brooch bouquets:

  4. Welcome. I found a vintage Thermos the other day at Goodwill...picked it up, so excited....boy was it LIGHT...all that was there was the outer plastic "shell"...now why would they put that on the shelf? LOL. Seeing your Thermos reminds me to keep looking.



  5. I love that yellow flower pin. Is that an apron you found? Cute!


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