Friday, February 18, 2011

Thrifty Finds # 12 - Aaargh, to keep or sell?!

My thrifting trips these days are a combination of purchases to keep, and purchases to sell on. I usually know as I  buy something, whether it's for me/us, or whether I intend to sell it on. But occasionally I'll throw myself a curve ball (just to be awkward) and buy something with the intention of selling it, and then go and fall in love with it....

This is one such instance. I adore the styling on this vintage American Tourister vanity case, almost as much as I love the olive green colour. The clasp mechanism is really quirky, the quilted lining is just scrumptious.

So the angel on my shoulder is saying this: "considering I don't travel  a great deal, can I really justify keeping it,when selling it would contribute to the greater good of the family budget"

The naughty little devil on my other shoulder is saying this: " Awwww, it WAS very cheap (and I mean VERY cheap) and you'll never find another one like this, you know. What's the harm? You're putting plenty of other things in the shop. If you love it, have it. Perks of the job, surely?..."

Both reasonable arguments, I think you'll agree (The devil on my shoulder always does more talking than the angel too. That says something about me, I'm sure. Hmmmm.) You can see my dilemma though?

What would you do???


  1. you should keep it...unless, like me, you have several. The one's I have put up to sale, have not sold. Maybe everyone is finding them at thrifts and estate sales because mine is just sitting...and the price is at the lower end (according to etsy and ebay). Plus, there are so many things you can do with it besides travel. Store things in it, use it as a door stop, let the kids fill it with treasures, etc etc...You got a cute one.


  2. I had one and thought I would use it, I never did. It's not like you can bring it on a plane, it's bulky.

    The romance of using it is more powerful than actually using it. I say sell!

  3. I say keep... and then I read Ana's comment and thought she's right. Maybe compromise and say if it hasn't been used in 6 months sell. It is lovely to look at.

  4. I actually brought one of mine on a plane trip...but it might be smaller than the one shown here. I like dogstar's compromise.

  5. Thankyou DFW, Ana, and Dogstar! I haven't seen one of these in a UK charity shop before. Perhaps they're more plentiful in the US? I like your compromise Dogstar. I'll give it 6 months to prove itself,then if not, Etsy it is!

  6. Sell!!!!!! It is amazing (by the way)

  7. it's so beautiful though! i have such a hard time parting with things.

  8. definitely a keeper after a little refinishing on the lining inside of course

  9. They say if you really want to keep it due to emotion and desire-KEEP IT! You could do a million things with it-put scarves, and photos in it or use it for storing barbies. The list goes on and on. Love the color!


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