Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Thrifting with heart!

Hi all

This is my first ever blog post so wish me luck!!  It's a great place to share your finds, thoughts and creativity.  I've attached a couple of pictures including one of my Op shop finds which I list to fund raise for my local Salvation Army Store on Ebay.  I mainly scour the clothing section as due to limited space and a curious toddler some items I'd love to bring home just wouldn't be practical!!

I tend to find myself drawn to beautiful prints and classic styles - polka dots & pinstripes have survived the test of time I think.  I hope you like these as much as i do.

Safari jungle print vintage day dress brought from a local op shop St Chads

Cute hounds tooth pleated skirt from the Salvation Army Store i fund raise for in Chelsea Heights

Polka dot 50s style wiggle dress by Vivien of Holloway found at a Vinnies Op Shop

Looking forward to sharing some more finds and I love seeing the results of someone else's thrift adventure


  1. I do love the safari prints - Wow!

  2. Thanks all! Couple more vintage bags found today so will hopefully get round to posting them here as well.


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