Thursday, February 10, 2011

Thrift Near Misses: Episode 1

Hi everyone, this is Bryan from A La Modern. My wife and I run that shop, plus a store on Etsy and we're active in several Flickr groups and on twitter. We mostly specialize in midcentury stuff from the 40s-80s as well as Scandinavian items. We do a whole lot of thrifting in general, so I figured I'd better join up with this group!

This'll be my first post for The Thrift Collective - thank you to Ana for adding me so quickly. So I thought for the first one we'd post up some thrifting "near misses". We come across a lot of cool stuff that's either damaged, or just doesn't fit with the shops. But what we usually do is take pics with an iPhone and put them on twitter as we're thrifting.

Incidentally, a number of us have started doing this - we have what's called a "thriftbreak", which is when you take time out of your normal day to go thrifting. If you'd like to follow it, or try it out yourself twitter, we use the hashtag - #thriftbreak when tweeting from your phone. It's kind of fun - plus if you need to identify things, there's a chance you can get real-time feedback!

Anyhow, the first thrift near miss was this Kosta Boda crystal snowball from Sweden. It just had too much damage to bring back, and we already have one in our shop.

At the same thriftstore, we also found a loaf pan produced by Heller and designed by Leila and Massimo Vignelli. You might know the Heller / Vignelli connection from the colorful plastic Max dinnerware that Massimo Vignelli designed. Good stuff, but this one had to many chips to pick up. Funny, we found a larger Heller Vignelli glass casserole

I actually would've picked up this little California pottery wall pocket by The Bennetts (in the Rag Rug pattern), but it had too much damage. So I left it for the next person.

I was heartbroken to see this large Dansk Flamestone casserole thingy, because it had a big crack down the side. This is a great line from Dansk, so it was really a bummer that it was busted. This seems to be the common theme of a lot of my near-misses - busted, broken, cracked, chipped...

Lastly, I nearly picked up this Stelton plastic thermos carafe from Denmark. However, there was no lid, which was a game-breaker since it's a thermos. Looked all over the store for it - sometimes that works, sometimes not. No luck this time, but maybe it'll turn up sometime in the future! We've had that happen.

OK, hope you enjoyed this roundup of the near misses. We'll try and post one every so often, though you can also catch them on our twitter as I mentioned.

Happy thrifting, everyone!


  1. Great first post!

    I will definitely start using the #thriftbreak hashtag.

  2. Cool! Scott from Sllab uses it, and a few other twitterpeeps. Sometimes tough to post pics as you're actually thrifting,so we wait till get back home.

  3. Hi Bryan. Isn't it a shame when you spot a nice item but upon closer inspection just find too many problems. Last time I was at Goodwill I spotted this vintage wood pitcher with etched flowers on the front. But there was a crack running the entire length of it, and in no way could hold liquid. I could've cried.

  4. the large Dansk Flamestone casserole would have been quite the treasure
    to bad theres no way to fix that

  5. Amazing finds!

  6. fun stuff! too bad about that green wall pocket... love that!

  7. Welcome to the group! I always thrift with my SLR so I can take photos of the store for review and of all of the awesome finds I leave behind. This way, I can admire the find in the photo instead of bringing it home to clutter my house...

    I need to participate in more #thriftbreaks, there are many good thrift haunts near by more to pillage.

  8. Being Danish I recognised the Kosta Boda at once.
    Thanks for the tip on the #thriftbreak tag - I will definetily be trying that in the future




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