Thursday, February 3, 2011

Putting a little Light on the subject

If you were to come to my house (call me first so I can yell @ the girlies to clean up their mess, please), you would find that I'm not so much eclectic, as I am NOT designer!  Don't get me wrong, there are quite a few designer "home" magazines that I could sit and drool over all day.  When it comes to my budget though, thrift is the way we roll!!

Some thrifted lamps/lights:

In the kitchen.......

Two colored, glass pendant lights $4.99 ea. @ GW!  Yeah!!

I found the next 2 lamps @ the Junk store I mentioned in this post.

$3, made in Italy, marble base, brass & wood.

I took the lamp shade off another lamp in the store.  It fit this one better, and looked more authentic to the age of the lamp! It's a heavy, pleated fabric; tied with string @ top & bottom.

It sits in my bedroom & glows so pretty!

This heavy duty floor lamp was found in Junk shop too.  $10.  Stole shade from other lamp (do you see a trend here?) wiped it down with a wet cloth, but left all the rusty, grubby on it, character

This isn't the original style shade, it has a base & bolts that must have held a glass globe.  I'm on the lookout for something that would be authentic.

Any one have any clue what might be the right globe for this lamp?

This is my last little cutie....shade bought @ a new thrift I found about a month ago (note to self: MUST get back there) & the base found @ GW (total 2.50).

It's so sweet!  I put it on a little bookstand with a few other things in the corner of my kitchen.  It looks very pretty in the evening, when all the lights are off!  Love it!

Once again, a long winded post.  Very picture heavy!  Hope you all don't mind....I really need to figure out the picture positioning thingy--it wants to do it's own placement!
Loving all the post I've been reading here!


  1. Stunning finds!

  2. Lamps are so amazing & I'm loving your finds, the wood one from Italy is molto bella!!!

  3. DREAMY lamps, each and every one!


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