Friday, February 18, 2011

Oh the Glamour

Such a good thrift store morning and only two hours but two hours without a toddler can be more like a whole day when it comes to browsing.

I am stunned by this dress, 100% silk, so Mad Men!!

And this metallic maxi low back dress by Studibaker Hawk - an Oz classic

Now to get them on my store Dogstar Bazaar

Enjoy the rest of the weekend everyone, may the sun shine for you all and may the thrift stores be bountiful!


  1. That blue one is incredible! You should contact Mad Men and see if they'll buy it from you. I can totally picture Joan in it!

  2. Amen to thrifting without a toddler!! Superb finds! Good idea from Ana. Defo email them your pictures.

  3. Teal, silk, dress, what more do you want. Very Mad Men and very cool.


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