Friday, February 18, 2011

Lu-Ray Pink Pastel Platter

It was a disappointing thrifting day today though I did find this lovely Lu-Ray Pastel platter.  It is such a lovely pink pastel color and though it is a bit small at 11 1/2" it will make a lovely serving dish for perhaps cookies or something else small.  I hope to make it to Phoenix by the end of the month and will hit all the Savers.  They are such a treasure trove I can't wait.  Does anyone know of any great thrift stores in the Phoenix area other than Savers?  Let me know please!

I also did find about 10 old 1960's and early 1970's lingerie sewing patterns which are pretty rare and if you're looking to make a girdle, bra or panties or slips or peignoirs check out Out of the Ashes Collectibles next week for these new finds!

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