Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Clever boy...!

I mentioned recently that J and I used to buy and sell on Ebay together, back in the day.  His obsession with thrifting is nowhere near as bad (?!) as mine. But every now and then he'll get a little instinct for something and decide to buy it.  Does anyone remember these....?
It's an 8 track cassette player. A "flash in the pan" bit of technology from the 70's that never really took off.  But it's actually a really decent sound AND you can skip tracks which you can't do on a normal cassette player. I love the retro styling and it was in immaculate condition and full working order.

Anyway, clever boy bought it for £10 from our local charity shop (a stack of albums included) and sold it on Ebay for £50. It went within a couple of hours of being listed. I keep telling him it must've been the fabulous photos I took for though..don't tell him, but.... Miss P is quietly impressed!


  1. Oh it sure brings back memories - some best forgotten!

  2. I think it is beautiful, i love the design...even if the technology did not last. and great photos too :)

  3. It is so beautiful. I also have a thing for old radio's and speakers of this period.


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