Friday, February 25, 2011

Bit about my Salvo thrifting

Being a bit of a Op Shop fiend last year I contacted the Salvation Army to see if I could help the best way I knew how - Ebaying. is a bit behind the UK and USA sites in that it's charity options are not yet available.  I ended up getting the okay from the CEO of the Salvo Stores though and have almost reached my $900 mark.

Having no family here (moved from UK) I have a few less child care options so felt I couldn't volunteer with a small child on a regular basis so I buy a few items i think will sell for more on Ebay and then donate the money back.

They are my favourite sales without a doubt.

Just showing you some of my listings today, all found at my local Salvo store - beware sunglasses needed for one of these!!

Yep the last one is bright!!

I mainly pick up ladies clothing and accessories but am always drawn to Hawaiian shirts - still can't work out why I ♥ them though!!

It's a great eeling knowing that what you buy supports a charity and an even better feeling giving them more for it later.

I have a Salvos section in my shop - Dogstar Bazaar I'm sending one lovely vintage pussy bow blouse to Sweden on Monday.

Hope you all have a good weekend - Vicky @ Dogstar Bazaar


  1. Fabulous way of volunteering. It's hard not having family close by when you have a small one. Really does limit your options! But you've found a good compromise.

  2. What a fantastic idea you've had there - it's about time Oz caught up. I've saved your shop as a favourite seller - you have some real goodies there and for a great cause:))

  3. Thanks both, when there's so many people needing help(Cyclone Yasi, Christchurch Quake..) it's a good feeling knowing that the Salvos are normally there helping and I'm helping them.
    Thanks - Pull Your Socks Up, more the merrier!!


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