Friday, February 18, 2011

Bags, bags, bags!!

Couple of lovely beauties I may not have found if I hadn't bumped into a certain someone* in one of our two local op shops (aka thrift shops)!!

Original Glomesh bag - 70's disco at it's best!!

and a very cute clutch in navy & white by MG Corel of Melbourne

* you know who you are !!!


  1. Cute bags, I love them both! I found a powder blue glomesh the other day, its so pretty, and matches my blue tights too, bonus!

  2. Oh Oh Oh! Wow, well done! How did these bags miss my eyes? I must have been too busy rummaging in the fabric basket and gossiping :)

  3. OOooh! That second one is TIMELESS! I can see Bianca Jagger or Princess Grace holding something like that on a night out.

  4. Wow - powder blue glomesh sounds very cute!
    Erica, less gossiping and more thrifting!
    Thanks Holyoke, If I thought I would use either of them I think I'd keep them but my bags currently tend to have to have room for nappies, wipes, a change of clothes and snacks.
    Off to check out a couple of shops this morning, have a fun weekend all.


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