Monday, January 10, 2011

Wait 'til you get a load of this.....

Ooooh, I've just finished a restyle on this £1 thrifted shirt dress.  
I'm feeling a wee bit pleased with myself...

Too dark & late for photo's by the time I finished tonight. Oh, but when the sun comes up tomorrow......
(am I in  danger of building this up too much??) ;)


  1. I'm looking forward to seeing how it came out!

  2. That is a really really long shirt, isn't it?

  3. Oh wow, I started a shirt dress refashion this week, but then realised it was not long enough for the 'dress' part, so now it is just a shirt refashion. Looking forward to seeing yours!

  4. i WISH i could re-fashion clothing!! I just don't have any sewing talent or "vision" when it comes to that! You should look up "Brassy Apple" and see what that lady re-fashions!! Amazing! I'll pop in tomorrow and see what you've done :)
    thanks for stopping by chinamommy!!

  5. Hey StitchyBritt,mine too!

    Hey dogsmom, yes it is pretty long and shapeless isn't it!

    Hey chinamommy,thanks for the tip, will look her up


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