Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Thrifted Dress Restyle...

Here's what I did with a recent thrifty find.....

Here's how it started life..£4.50 from a charity shop. Sleeveless, ankle length vintage Monsoon dress...
Sorry about the colour variance in the photos!  Anyhow, this is how it ended up (aaaand it has roomy pockets hidden in the side seams, yay!)...

Basically I shortened and hemmed it, then used the left over fabric to (crudely!) draft some sleeves. I really like the length of the sleeves so shall be repeating that particular aspect with a bit more attention to detail ( a longer sleeve head according to my tutor!). Overall though, I am sooo excited with this restyle. Think I may change the buttons and try it with a belt/cardigan/shirt. But I do officially like it. Wow! Progress is being made...


  1. I'm impressed! I could shorten a dress, but to put on sleeves....mine might look more like Theo Huxtables shirt that Denise made him! hahaha

    It's loverly!

  2. Amazing! I sew and I still can't handle sleeves.

  3. Aw thanks guys! Glad you like.

  4. great alteration!
    also worth trying if there's enough fabric; 3/4 sleeves with that tab for rolling them up- love that detail on clothing!

  5. wow! this is awesome! I am sooo impressed! I love dresses with 3/4 sleeves. I always see dresses at the thrift store that have potential to be cute IF I chopped it up and made alterations...BUT unfortunately I have no clue where to even begin. Way to go! This dress is amazing!

  6. It looks great! IF you are concerned about sleeves next time, you could use a sleeve pattern piece from just about any sewing pattern that fits you.

  7. yes! thank you! i did paint it! yeah this is my first studio... it's great!! love your dress. thanks for stopping by<3

    love polly :)

  8. That's a really neat refashion. Do you think you will be doing more of these?



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