Thursday, January 27, 2011

Thrift Store Highlights - $2 and under!

Hi there! It's Emily from I Love Collecting and I'd like to share some recent thrift store bargains. Top left to right: Red & yellow kitchen glassware, 25 cents and red Fireking cup and bowl, 50 cents; 1965 Miller Studio chalkware swan plaques, $1.00; Zipper pattern cocktail shaker, $1.00; Middle left to right: Lady head vase, $2.00; Large McCoy white pottery vase, $2.00; JFK plate, 25 cents; Bottom left to right: Vintage wax/paper cups, small ones are from Howard Johnsons, 25 cents; Pink thermos, 50 cents and 2 chalkware dogs for $1.00!


  1. THAT'S what I'm talkin' about!! I love finding these kinds of cute/awesome things while out & about.....thrifting!

  2. I love the lady head vase, been looking for one but only see them at antique shops for MUCH more than 2 dollars....GREAT FIND, congrats. Also like the pink Thermos.


  3. I love the JFK plate! It reminds me of a portrait my Nana had of JFK in her house (boy I wish I had THAT).

    Great post, welcome!

  4. Love the cocktail shaker with the wood top...nice finds!

  5. I am loving the thermos and the cocktail shaker. I would love to find a cocktail shaker like that for all the future cocktail parties I am dreaming of.



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