Monday, January 10, 2011

Thrift Haul: Sexy Zombie Mug, Records, Books and More

[Zombie Mug, 59 cents] ["How to Draw" Books, Free] [Vintage Thermos, $1] [Records, $1 each]

Has anyone else resolved to "thrift less" into 2011? This year I realized I don't have enough time to be a re-seller, so I'm being careful about what I allow myself to buy. 

This beautiful "I Love Zombies" mug for 59 cents was a must have though. As a horror movie/horror video game fan I could not resist its hypnotic pull.

I use pretty vintage thermoses for on-the-go soups and teas. This is my favorite one thus far. I like how it's all plastic (ones with metal bits tend to rust) and I love the print.

These were $1 each, a bit more than I like to pay, but these are all excellent records. Seems like flea market hunting for records costs more than the local goodwill record price (25 cents!)

 I have more photos of these beautiful vintage here. I wanted to thoroughly document them before they go to my booth in an antique shop.

What did you find this weekend?


  1. I'm trying to thrift less this year. As a whole I'd like to buy less of everything this year.

    So far so good. I haven't been to any shops here in LA and once mystuff gets here I'm sure I'll be donating a lot.

  2. that mug is so freaking rad, you scored big time!

  3. That mug is quite the find; it reminds me of the 80's I love Michael Jackson mug I found at Salvation Army. Unique and awesome!

  4. I Love Michael Jackson mug!? I want! He may be the only thing I love more than zombies. (Hell, he WAS a zombie. Once. With make-up :)

  5. that mug is amazing! I also love the vintage how to draw book, fantastic!


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