Saturday, January 22, 2011

So soft....Cashmere!!!!

I love pretty soft things.  My kitty Belle vintage fur collars....a snugglie well worn warm chenille blanket....and cashmere sweaters. 

I have been finding some great sweaters at the local charity shops and even better when it is a twin set like the one above.

This twin set was only 3 bucks at Goodwill!!!!  And to think all these years I have been paying around 60 to 100 dollars at the dept stores.

This one has the cutest pearl buttons.

Most of the time the dept store tags are still attached!!!!

I love sweaters.  We keep our heat off or turned down so I usually have a sweater on around the house.  They also look great with some of the vintage pieces I like to wear.

Happy Thrifting.....

Tiffany @


  1. Cashmere! You lucky thing. Great finds, all of them.

  2. I love sweaters!! And who wouldn't love cashmere....mmmm so soft!
    Pretty colors too!


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