Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Ooooh Oooooh So Excited!

So I hit the jackpot (in my opinion) at 2 consignment stores this past weekend. This is highlighting the second of my two stores/interesting finds. This exciting batch is from Blackstone Vignettes in Worcester, MA.... it is a funky and fun store with everything clothes and shoes to my personal weakness, vintage fabric. I love to sew and craft but am consistently seeing the same fabrics that everyone else is using. How to remedy that? Find some vintage fabrics! The following snapshots are of my absolutely awesome finds this past weekend (a great gold and green vintage fabric- 3 yds, 15 yds of vintage lace for only $5.00, a sheets set for $12.00 and som navy blue fabric for a couple bucksters):

And my absolutely wonderful "fall in love" moment came when I saw this necklace. I love elephants and this baby called my name. For less than $5.00? It was coming home with me come hell or high water!


  1. Excellent finds. I too have a weakness for the fabrics :-)

  2. love the green and gold fabric and the elephant is really cute! great finds Amanda.

  3. WOW i love the fabrics and that necklace is super cute too!


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