Saturday, January 29, 2011

Mid-Century Madness

I had a few fun thrifted Mid-Century finds this week.
This adorable chair was sitting all alone in the corner at the Goodwill, 
and for only $6.99 I couldn't leave it behind!
It's got a metallic brown fabric & could stand to be reupholstered...but I love the lines.

I also came across these sweet serving trays by Georges Briard at the Goodwill this week.
Guess it's time to throw a Cocktail Party...
these fun thrifted invitations would be a perfect way to invite my guests.
At only$1.00 for the set I'll be able to spend more $$ on Cockails...maybe some Old Fashioned's!
The glassware & invitations will be in the shop soon...but the chair is staying with me :-)

Hope you had lots of fun finds this week too :-)


  1. That chair is FANTASTIC. I feel a Design Sponge before and after post coming on.

  2. The Briard serving trays are GREAT!!

  3. I'd like to order 2 of those chairs for my living room, please! Reupholstered in a groovy orange, blue & green floral print, pretty please! With a really nice MCM cocktail table to go between them, pretty please w/ sugar! Oh, & then can I borrow your nice trays for the table?!?! WOW NICE!

  4. I am a sucker for mid-century modern and I am loving the chair. Can't wait to see a before/after either!


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