Thursday, January 27, 2011

I can never get enough....

Thrifting for treasures!!!  So this past Saturday I sent the Hubby out sledding with our girlies.  While they hit the hill, I hit the junk store in our town.

This weekend I found.....
...a great vintage metal 3-shelf cart (on wheelies).  It needs some scrubbing & painting.  It was only $5...I couldn't say no to that!

I added to the little creature collection!  At .10 ea I couldn't leave without them!  Found them in the depths of a box, among some broken figurines.  The little brown owl is of a wood composite.

These vintage glass wares will go in my shop.

I found two pictures this weekend.  This one & another.  They are both going on the living room walls!

I found these 3 60's craft magazines.  They were only .25 each & quite unique.  I'll list these on etsy also.  Can you see the one with the gold Christmas tree on it?  It's made of tin cans!!

I'm a sucker for vintage linens.  This gold yellow flat sheet was all plain, except the beautiful flower & scroll work on the top edge!  (.99 score!)

I leave you with these pics....

The hubs in a vintage hat I found for under a 1.00 & the oldest girly modeling the vintage fur hat that was too small for her daddy!
Oh, peeps, I got so much more!  There is a beautiful vintage leather purse (made in Italy), some books for the girlies (since we are on a toy freeze after Christmas).  Some vintage Christmas decorations I picked up @ a consignment store for 95% off!!  
I don't need to tell you how much fun it is to find treasures such as these!  I'm still coming down from my high!  Wheee.....


  1. YAY, great stuff! Love the rolling cart. I'm after one of those myself... in yellow... still searching!

  2. You find such great stuff!
    So jealous! hehe Our thrift stores don't ever have anything worth while it seems!

  3. Kendra, I'm beginning to like the Junk Shops better. Places where I have to dig's less $$ than GW & quite fun looking through all the crazy nooks & crannies!

    ILoveCollecting...I haven't decided what color I want to paint this cart yet. Choices would be apple green or yellow or a glossy while w/ maybe a colorful tray on top! hmmmm

  4. my husband has a few hats like that and its amazing the price you got it for!
    those hats are expensive.

  5. I got one of those vintage carts at an estate sale last week and had plans to paint it...but at the last minute I changed my mind and left it green. I LOVE it. So I vote for GREEN.


  6. Hi Cry! That is the 3rd hat like that I've found for him,@ .99 each! Blue plaid one from American Eagle was the 1st!! Wheee! I should do a post of him w/ his hats. :)

    Tiffany, I really like the apple green idea--it goes the best w/ the rest of my decor! Just waiting for warm weather, as painting in mid- Michigan winter isn't so great!! Lots of spring painting projects @ my house. :)

  7. My mom had those pink blue and white kitchen aids glasses. I got them from her years ago, but because I believe in using, not just collecting and storing, they all broke over the years. I think they were pretty fragile. I miss them, but no regrets as I enjoyed them immensely.

  8. Ohhhh! Wilma, I have some handmade kitchen towels that have the same kitchen aids & colors as that glass. I'm selling them as a group in my etsy shop!

  9. I'm loving the vintage fabric - what are you going to do with it?

    Jealous about hubby's hat. My own really wanted one for so long and had to resort to getting one from M&S - so sad!


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