Sunday, January 9, 2011

Hi Everyone....

Hi everyone, my name is Portia and I'm a UK based thrifter and blogger. I've enjoyed reading through all the fabulous posts & drooling over all the fabulous finds you guys have been scoring. Ana has very kindly agreed to let me share some of my own with you.....

Vintage Brown Leather Buckle Bag (I can't describe how yummy this leather feels)
Vintage White Woven Leather Loafers (marginally too big, sob! So will probably sell on)
 Vintage 1970's Hornsea Pin Dish
Vintage Danish 18/8 Stainless Steel Salt & Pepper Shakers (How cool?!)
Cheerful Set of Vintage Coasters (Does anyone know where the locations on them are??)
Yummy wool for my stash!
Sweet little vintage tin (for my sewing bits. I need it ,honestly!)
Vintage print (Can something be cute and slightly sinister at the same time?)
Anyone familiar with the artist?

All items cost from 50p - £3


  1. Welcome! I love that bag and the dish!

  2. I love coasters! I think your pretty coasters are from The Virgin Islands as there is a main street, st thomas there. All of your finds are great - I look forward to seeing more in future blog posts

  3. Hi Ana, and thanks again for inviting me!

    Oh my gosh Erica Louise, I think you may be right!! Thanks so much. I'm off to google it right now!

  4. Hi Ana! Welcome to the group!

    I love all of your vintage finds, so colorful and fun. The painting is my favorite, those eyes are haunting! I love the dish, too.

  5. great bag and I have similar artwork that I found at a thrift store but no name f the artist unfortunately

  6. love that painting at the bottom. huge eyes always get me, nice collection :)

  7. beautiful finds! love the s&p shakers :)

  8. If you Google big eyed paintings you should find some info. Margaret Keene is the most well known big eyed girl artist but there are lots of others.


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