Saturday, January 29, 2011


Not all of it is gold.

Back during the glorious weekend of Goodwill's Glitter Sale, I found this $14 vintage eyelet dress amidst hundreds and thousands of glitterized goods. When I pulled out the slouching piece of white, sparkling material filled with holes, I didn't know what it was--but I loved it. I tried it on over my strategically easy clothing and, rotating with two other very intelligent shoppers in front of the mirror and allowing each woman ample time to model, twirl, examine, and decide, I decided that it was a dress, and it was a dress that I would buy. Tip: do all of the aforementioned during the any thrift store experience. As for my dress, I love it. I adore it. I don it excessively. Tip: that is the sign of a true great buy. Like with any short ensemble, pair it with a good pair of thick, fatty wedges to offset the edge. Simple, messy waves and a Forever 21 cross necklace don't overdo the sparkle and details of the dress. 

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  1. I really like reading your posts and love how you wear your fabulous thrifty finds. My body does not allow me to be quiet as dareing but boy oh boy if I could get away with it!!! What I do, to flatter my body type, is wear some of the shorter things with leggings since they have come back in style the last few years. You look great!!!!


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