Monday, January 10, 2011

Finding New Faves

Unfortunately for me some of my ol' stand by's have been a tad disappointing to me lately. Whether that I have gone to often or they just haven't gotten more goods in, I just haven't been scoring on my trips thrifting. Going out this past Saturday, I had my sights set on getting some major deals and some awesome finds... so I looked past my local joints and went out of my comfort zone. I am going to do my findings in two separate posts because I want to highlight each store that I went to. #1 Enter Alexis Grace Consignment in Worcester Mass. I "Yelped" them, they looked easy to get to and got decent reviews. IT.WAS.AWESOME. They were super friendly (which is key) and enabled me to reach my consignment "high".

I picked up this gorgeous vintage dress for only $14.00!

Added some buttons to my collection with pre-bagged sets and a "fill a bag with buttons for $4.00" dealie. YAY!

This great clutch for only $8.00, I COULD.NOT.BELIEVE.IT.

And this great necklace for only $4.00.

Not too shabby for my first run in 2011... and I found a new fave too!


  1. Good finds. I really am digging the necklace, too cute!

  2. nice finds, they are all well kept... especially that dress! lovely eye candy

  3. All amazing finds! I love the necklace!

  4. the buttons are a total score and I love the pattern on that sweet dress

  5. That necklace is just delicious!!! I'm having pendant envy!

  6. fantastic score! swoon over the buttons and necklace. love me some accessories.

  7. I love the dress. I have never been able to find vintage in a consignment shop. WTG.

  8. buttons! I have such an addiction to vintage buttons! Awesome score!
    And that dress is divine!
    And that clutch is too good to be true!
    (worthy of all of these exclamation points)


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