Friday, January 14, 2011

Everything half price

With a little time to spare, I popped into a Vinnies op-shop this week, attracted by a sign outside the shop.

Yes thats right, everything half price, woo-hoo!

When thrift stores run half price sales, you know there are going to be heaps of bargains!

Thrifting with a purpose, I picked up a bunch of fabric - a birthday gift for a friend. She has just started sewing, so I figured this would be an ideal gift, along with a basket to put it all in.

A task for the new year - I will be using some of the red fabric above to make one of these 60's dresses. These two sewing patterns I picked up for $1 each:

I picked up an Elmo backpack for my son, and lastly, this beautiful orange Anchor Hocking casserole oven dish; $2.50 half price, score!

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  1. I love the vintage stuff in the post below. Thanks for sharing the photos and drop by me too when you have time.


  2. Now that's a boatload of treasures! I love the orange casserole dish best of all!

  3. Congrats with the 1/2 price sale - looks like you got yourself some good bargains. Can't wait to see the red dress.
    Take care,


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