Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Dress for Less

Tip: broaden your thrift horizons.

I purchased this thrifted cropped minimalist-style jacket whose sleeves are perfectly too long for my arms during an "all pink tags are $1" sale at Goodwill days (among so many other things, of course). Tip: for amazing deal days like those, arrive early, have a plan (like an idea of where you'll find great pink tagged items), and try everything on. 
As for this black-banded fedora hat, I bought it from another blogger online. One click for an instant thrift. I felt comfortable with buying online simply because I knew I didn't have to try the hat on. Tip: if you're shopping online and you're not sure of how the item will fit, ask if the blogger can take a picture with the item on. See how you're body shape is similar and not similar, so you can estimate how it will fit your own. I had to take pictures with my gladiator sandals on, for example, and my buyer kindly declined because she said her feet would be a bit too wide for that particular style. Ask for measurements. I asked a blogger how would a particular dress fit on a five foot girl? Would it end at her knees? It's your money--you should be able to use it on items you know you'd love.

As for this dress with sheer layer upon sheer layer? From my mother's closet. The most difficult thing about shopping in your mother's/brother's/sister's/boyfriend's/dad's closet? You may fall in love with an item and then find out she/he won't ever give it to you. Then thrifting becomes stealing.
I threw all of these thrifted finds that were found from around the world into one outfit, adding a little punch with red and leopard-printed accessories. The thrift store offers you the adventure and excitement of hunting and the opportunity to try things on. Online thrifting offers you items from around the country and the world. And shopping in mother's closet offers the best deals (each item for $0), and offers you a chance to share yet another thing with her. We as intelligent, money-saving shoppers have a vast world from which to find the greatest one-of-a-kind pieces that make our closets just as original, individual, and colorful as our personalities. Harness those vessels and you'll find what your looking for--or what you weren't looking for but now need. Happy thrifting.

For more pictures and the story behind how I could ever possibly fit my mother's dress, please visit Fashionwrites. And no, the fit has nothing to do with belting my waist (in this particular outfit). Trust me.


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