Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Designer Diva

Ooh Goodie Goodie Gumdrops...I hit a little Designer Jackpot today!
Had about 20minutes to kill & swung into one of my favorite little thrift shops 
in Los Alamitos, CA.
I noticed a bin of sunglasses that I'd never seen by the sewing patterns & started digging.  To my amazement, I found about 6 amazing pairs of sunglasses all for $1 each.
1995 Chanel Round Sunglasses
These Chanel round glasses from 1995 are so classically cool I'm tempted to keep them for myeslf.
Theses OscarDeLa Renta & Chloe pairs are pretty sweet too!
Chloe Vintage Sunglasses
Oscar DeLa Renta Vintage Sunglasses
Laying on the floor was this Moschino Belt for $8. Yipee!!!
Moshino Moveable Letter Black Belt
This is actually the 2nd one of these that I've found while thrifting.  The first one sold on Etsy almost immediately & I hope this one does too.
I also snagged this Gaultier Jeans belt off the rack for only $5.  
John Paul Gaultier Belt
All and all I was in/out the door in about 15min and spent under $20.00. AMAZING!
Sadly, I did leave behind an adorable ivory Valentino blazer (it had a small stain and was $20) in addition to a really sweet magenta Armani skirt suit (it also had a little damage on the skirt and was $25).  The Vanletino blazer is haunting me...
and if it's still there when I'm back in the area on Friday it will be mine!
Good luck hunting this week everyone :-)


  1. Those Chloe vintage sunglasses are so unbelievable awesome, I want them BAD! What are you doing with them?!?!?! (see multiple exclamation points and question marks)

  2. Hey Amanda-I'm definitely going to list them in my shop, and you can have them for a steal...however I just finished trying them on and realized they have prescription sunglass lenses. If you wear prescription glasses they may be perfect, otherwise you'd probably have to have the lenses replaced.

  3. I will get those lenses replaced for sure. I am basically blind so I doubt the prescription would be strong enough haha. Let me know when they are in your shop! I will be there STAT!

  4. I'm not a designer purist....but if I found those sunglasses in a Thrift for a $! I'd definitely snatch them up! So cool...

  5. Holy Shit. Those Chanel sunglasses are swoon-worthy.

  6. Dayuuum these are gorgeous finds! Like Jeanette I know NOTHING about design, but I'd pick up all of these. They're gorgeous.


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