Friday, January 14, 2011

Cross Blogging.

I know I haven't blogged any finds in a while. I had the move and it's still crazy town around here.

We purged SO much stuff before we left Seattle and now that we're here I'm about to do another HUGE purge. I've got tons that I'm donating and tons heading to etsy. So as you can imagine, sadly, thrifting has been the last thing on my mind. Once I get unpacked and get familiar with my new hood it's on like Donkey Kong.

Just before I left Seattle I did find some great pyrex stuff and I just blogged about it over on the Pyrex Collective.

One of the comments was someone who got false recognized as me at the Renton, WA Goodwill. I thought that was pretty cool. So to the couple who thought that was me: Hello!

(FYI My name is pronounced Ah-na not Anna).


  1. Teehee, my husband and I were the ones who thought we recognized you! :-) We moved from LA to Seattle a few years back, so let us know if you need any thrifting recommendations!

    --Bit of Butter (

  2. I'd love any you have! I'm still not ready to go thrifting yet. We have a lot we need to purge before I can add new stuff.


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