Thursday, January 20, 2011

Creature Comforts....

of thrifting in the winter!  Grab my hot coffee, my thrift stores mapped out, get in my mini-van & head out to a winter adventure, that won't cost an arm & a leg!!

 I freely admit, I love to thrift!  I don't remember when I started thrifting, probably when my first daughter was born.  Who wants to spend retail for something your little one will grow out of in 3-6 months!  NOT ME!!

So now I have an etsy shop, which gives me a great reason to continue thrifting, that I love to find vintage for!  Of course if I find somin, somin for myself that is just a bonus!  Right?

So I've been invited by Thrift Collective to share a few of my findings with you....and I have a question about one of the items that maybe you readers can help me with.  'Kay?  'Kay!

First up for your viewing pleasure!

A critter collection.  Most of these items are for the shop, but a few may find a home with me!  The 3 front pieces are toothpick holders.  The owls on the left are a bank with a sign that says "Be Smart Save".  These pieces were all priced under a $1 each!  Cool!

cuter than cute!
who could resist those chubby cheeks!
i don't know if they look wise or bored!

I'm thinking about keeping these two owls & painting them all white.  I've seen a couple similarly posed owl on another website that were all white (bought that way) & really like them.  I'd keep them for my living room if I do that!

Speaking of living room, here are my critters that reside there:

I bought this house shaped shadow box @ a yard sale for a buck!  Then I started collecting thingies to go in it (naturally).  I have chosen to stick to little animals.  I have thrifted each of these critters for $1 or less.  Some of my faves....

Found in consignment store, a pretty birdy from Mexico!
Hand painted on both sides...*sigh* so pretty!

I found this adorable chick sitting in a little nest @ GW.  It was handmade in 1971 by  "Barb".  All flowery sweet, I had to take her home.
This little fawn has a sibling, but I didn't want to go too overboard with the pictures on my first post!  They are darling & I love looking @ them.  That's why I've kept them.

There's one more place I keep my little critters (besides my girlies in their room!)  That is the kitchen/dining room.  Here's a quick peek.....

These are some S&P shakers I've found over the last 2-8 weeks.  I'm trying not to become a S&P set hoarder.  They each have a reason tho' & I like them.
 Oh, the birdies on the top plate have a story to tell here! them in a "new"to me junk store & had to bring the pretty things home!  I think I smile each time I look @ them!  Because of the fiasco when buying them, they will stay with me always....
How about this beautiful bee!  How unique.  It says patent pending on the bottom of it.  It is an adorable honey pot.  There is an opening there at the back of the wings that allows a honey comb dipper to poke out (kinda like a stinger).  It didn't come with one so I'm on the look out for one!

Thank you so much for taking a look @ all my critters.....I'm sure I'll have more to share someday.

Here's my quick question:  I bought this Pyrex piece the other day for $2.  I don't know exactly what the purpose of it may be.  I thought I'd be able to steep tea in it, and pour it out (see pour spout).  Am I close?  Is there a specific purpose for this pc. or is it for whatever needs pouring?  Hmmmmm....

Happy Thrifting!!  Jeanette


  1. i love those miniatures! and i love that you have a shelf for all of them!

  2. Love all the little critters! I love the shelf too. Very country chic!

  3. Welcome! I love the idea of painting the ceramics white. It would unify the collection.

    I think they pyrex pot has got to be part of a coffee set. I'm not sure though. I know we have a couple of pyrex fans here maybe someone knows.

  4. Thanks to all!! I was sooo nervous to post on someone else's blog...but it was great! Love the comments...I'd love to know if that Pyrex pc is part of a larger coffee set!

  5. The owls are super cute. I think the chubbier one, on the right, looks like he is irritated at something. Looks like he is rolling his eyes. LOL.

    Welcome. It is so much fun to share what we find while thrifting.


  6. Your minivan thrifting adventures sound like my kind of day out! I love your shadow box - the perfect shade of green and I love the ageing on it. Not sure what the Pyrex piece is, but I'm sure it can be used on a stove top.

  7. Hi there, nice to meet you, Jody here, love your blog. Each of these critters has so much personality, love the buzzy bee. In New Zealand the wooden pull-along buzzy bee is a childhood staple. Thanks... all your woodland creatures made me smile!

  8. Welcome to the club :) I love collection of vintage critters!!! Especially loving your three tier vintage trey...but then again, love everything pictured.

  9. Thank you so much all! I do love looking @ others unique thrifting finds (almost as much as finding things in the stores). Your comments were so lovely & I'm looking forward to writing again!


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