Thursday, January 13, 2011

Child Charmander

That's a little redundant.
I have, yet again, bought a kid's size top from the local thrift store. My obsession with kid clothing can nearly rival my obsession with Poke'mon at this moment. Unlike my previous kid-size thrift--the leopard print coat--this is truly a kid-sized top. It is miniscule, and as top-heavy as I am, it barely fit me as a normal tee should. Why did I go ahead and still spend $2 on it? Emotionally speaking--because I loved it: Charmander, Charmelion, Charizard and all. Economically speaking--it was a steal, the cost of a chocolate bar. Fashionably speaking--because I knew that I could wear this edgy, graphic, and boyish tee (all of which are at their trend peaks!) as one, a mid-drift summer top, two, with a layered long-sleeve underneath, and three, with a high-waisted bottom as seen here. I mixed patterns and threw on a leather jacket, giving this otherwise youthful tee some darker, more mature life. Never give up on the at-first-glance-way-too-small. Tip: try everything, and I mean absolutely everything on. Ideas will flow like a funnel of blazing fire. 


  1. I wouldn't fit in kid clothing but I definitely LOVE childish patterns and cuts :).

    Awe, snow! It's funny to see it when it's boiling hot in Buenos Aires, hehe.

    Have a great day!


  2. When I see a graphic on an item that is too small for me or my kids, I can still buy it. I can cut out the graphic and stitch it to another top. Finishing the edge is so easy. I can use a contrasting thread and a zig zag stitch over the raw edge or a straight stitch and leave the cut edge of the graphic to naturally curl and fray around the stitching. Even if you don't sew, you can use iron-on fusing to attach the graphic to a new top.
    Pikachu! Use THRIFT action! Go!

  3. What a fun look!

    My sister used to wear kids clothes. Now, sadly, her body doesn't quite allow her to any more. Something bad happens once you turn 50...!



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