Tuesday, December 7, 2010


I tweeted about this find earlier last week. I found something really incredible. 

Ok I didn't my husband actually did. I saw it, kept on walking and he said "wait a minute, what's that?". 

Love him.

It's called a "Fleur Light" designed by Andreas Hansen, the man who designed the Le Klint lamp. His designs are knocked off at every "modern" lighting store in the world.

It's still in the box, with the original price tag of $18.99. As far as I can tell all the pieces are still there and it's just waiting for someone to put it together.

I tried searching for more information on it but came up empty handed, Can anyone point me in a direction that will yield some info?

I found two other things, it was a pretty awesome trip if you ask me.

The owl is needlepoint with fluffy eyes and I love these kind of blankets, I have five of them. They're just so warm and I love it when I find a new color. The girl at the register was pretty excited by it too.


  1. Woo hoo! Very cool for the new CA pad.

  2. OMG!! this is a super lucky find my friend if you put it on e-bay you could be pleasantly surprise!

  3. A beautiful light, and probably worth a small fortune - great finds

  4. Indeed, amazing finds, and a lucky find with that lamp! I'm not an expert so I can't provide specific tips but it looks very valuable!

  5. I have that blanket! I'm using it right now even.

  6. Aren't they awesome Grace? I just found out they're called "Falsa" blankets.

    When you get the real ones, not the polyester jobs, they're so warm!

    I think I'm going to do a post on my other blog about them. I do lov


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