Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Vintage Ute

In Australia, we call pick-up trucks "utes", which is short for 'utility truck'. This little thrifty find is courtesy of my son.

Anyone with children will appreciate, it is hard work thrifting with a toddler. So my trick is to find the first toy, book, whatever, give that to my son to look at whilst quickly browsing, perhaps find another toy, book, whatever and then buy it, or put it back on the self on exit. This works for, ooooo around 5 minutes, then he is bored and cries, and we have to leave. Fun.

On this occasion, whilst at one of my favourite op-shops (Australian slang for thrift store), my son grabbed a $2 plastic bags filled with toys and was delighted with the amount of toy cars in to play with (5 cars!). Amongst these cars was a little beauty; a vintage style pale blue ute toy, I love it, and whilst he does play with the ute at home, it sits really pretty on the mantlepiece above my fireplace


  1. That's a beautiful vehicle! I commend your thrifting-with-toddler abilities; I couldn't take it. I can barely take my nieces/nephews for 5 minutes :)

    I wonder if "op-shops" are much different from U.S. Thrift Stores? Probably not..

  2. Op-shops are pretty much the same as thrift stores, from my experience. Although there are many, many more US thrift stores and more bargains to be had I think!

  3. What a cute find that your son did there! He will make a good thrifter when he grows up.

  4. What a cute ute! PS as an Aussie who lives in the USA - op shops and thrift stores are the same thing. Goodwill, Salvation Army and St Vincent De Paul are found in both countries ;)


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