Saturday, December 18, 2010

Thrifted Christmas

I love to decorate for the Holidays...and almost all of my decor was Thrifted!

I was shopping in New Port Richey, FL one afternoon many years ago when I happened upon this collection of beautiful Christmas ornaments.  They are so delicate and each is very unique.  I bought every one I could find in the shop (about 12), and still keep my eyes peeled for more!  

 They hang perfectly on my Thrifted White Tree.
Don't get me wrong, I love a real tree.  I never thought I would own a fake one, but last year I had a change of heart.  The Target stores in our area donate unused merchandise to Goodwill.  Last season I hit a few of the Goodwill stores and acquired a collection of very nice trees.  The white one in our living room retailed for $299.00 originally and I paid $39.99 brand new in box.  It stands 8" tall and is pre-lit,  it's awesome!
The 2nd tree we have in the den is also fantastic!  It's much larger and stands at 9" and retailed for $349.00 originally and I only paid $49.99.  It also was brand new in box.
This tree is decorated with family ornaments, as well as one's we pick up when were traveling to a new place.  I hold's so many special memories!
My favorite holiday Thrift find however, has to be our Nativity Set.  I also purchased it in Florida many years ago, and it remains the centerpiece of our Christmas Decor. 
Sure hope you enjoyed visiting our home this Christmas & I send the warmest wished to you this holiday season.

Lara at NowSoLA


  1. Oh wow, those round ones are just like the ones I used to make with my uncle. His were always so ornate and detailed.

    I really like that white tree! If I could score one for that price I might be a convert.

  2. I love your ornaments. It inspired me to show of my vintage glass baubles that I found a couple of weeks ago.
    Your tree looks fabulous!

  3. I have finally convinced my husband that we should get a white tree but I haven't been able to convince him that we should spend $300 on one (and I am not about to do that myself!)...this gives me hope!

  4. Love that white tree, I have a pink one that I just adore in my office. Bright green one too.


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