Saturday, December 4, 2010

My Knit Kit

I'm back with another major thrift outfit. Today as also done in my most recent post, I'm donning my thrifted eyelet knit poncho along with fellow thrifted buys, miss perfect hat and miss skinny red belt. I've had my trusty belt and poncho for a bit now, worn in this post and this post, respectively. However, my hat is one of my most recent thrifted buys, which leads me to my favorite thrift-shopping tip: always consider how you'd otherwise spend your money. I've been looking for a hat like this forever, and I finally found one in the thrift store--for $24. Mhm. That's about $18 out of my price-range. Start off normally by weighing your options. Is this like what I really want? Will I find something better? Then, most importantly, ask yourself, "would I normally spend $24 on something in a department store, boutique, etcetera?" I, being the bargain-hunter extreme, of course answered "no." 
It was perfect, or so I thought, but I wouldn't purchase a hat for $24 normally, and I wasn't about to start simply because I found one in the thrift store. Don't let the system play you. Play smart. It's a game of chance--a gamble. Those who play it right are always in a win-win situation. You either save money or later find the perfect piece or, as in my case, both. 

I later found this shallow black velvet-banned hat for an easy $6. I. Fell. In. Love. Another tip: if other shoppers, be they young or old, man or woman, compliment you on any given thrifted piece, take their word for it. Believe them, and don't add a grain of salt to a single sweet sigh or kind remark. Much more often than not they are telling you the truth. That hat "does fit you well, and I'd never take it off" or that jacket is "darn near the cutest thing I ever saw." This is confirmed when they start subtly following you around in the hopes that you'll put the piece back and back on the open market. That's the best. 


  1. Agreed- super cute outfit. And I agree with the last tip! I have once, but only once, been the person wishing someone would put an item back. Hope that never happens again!

  2. I love your posts. You really capture the spirit of the Thrift Collective, in my humble opinion. Your posts aren't about finding stuff to sell, but about enriching your own life through thrifting. I look forward to your adventures. :)


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