Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Meet Mr.Bean...Table

Who took advantage of Black Friday thrift store sales? I wasn't my usual tenacious self. I took it easily, leisurely strolling and picking up some treasures along the way. Like the "Bean Table" above. Retro experts, can you tell me if there's an "official name" for that style of table?

 I also found some Super Mario Brother 3 Cartoon DVDs.

 Speaking of Mario and the Mushroom Kingdom, I found more unabashadly phallic "Penis Mushrooms".

And a Christmas gift for me nephew that I want for myself. You excavate the dinosaur bones out of a "rock" with a real chisel and hammer! If the kid doesn't like it, I will use it.

I wrote about the other finds in detail over on my blog.

Today I also wanted to invite members of The Thrift Collective (and other blog owners) to join my silly "Link Share", Show Me Your Bush. It's for all Holiday themed posts.

What will YOU be thrifting for this Holiday Season?


  1. I've just seen them referred to as a Kidney shaped table, Still a bean just specific.

  2. Kidney

    (I am not an expert, but I am old enough to have been there, known that)


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