Sunday, December 12, 2010

Holy Buttons Batman

I stopped at a yard sale a few weeks ago and happened upon quite a collection of buttons.  I couldn't resist and bought the whole loot for a whopping $10.  No only will I use them for my own crafting...but they will make a nice steady stream of new listings for my Etsy Shop NowSoLA!
The Loot
Yesterday, I finally had the time to sit down and start taking inventory of the collection.  I only touched the tip of the iceberg! Thankfully the woman who collected these buttons had them somewhat organized already...Fancy Matched, Big Matched, Fancy Singles, etc...
Fancy Matched
La Mode made in Holland

La Mode made in France
Not only were there buttons, but lots of neat belt buckles too...
US Coin Buckle
B.G.E. Originals
La Mode Fancy Buckle
 By far my favorite find so far are these random doll parts...very interesting!
He looks like Abe Lincoln
She's got a head and arms...but where is the rest of her?
I can't wait to start really digging in and see what other treasures I uncover!


  1. The doll parts are creepy! I can see their legless torsos crawling after me!

  2. Sorry Ana, I promise no more dolls!!! Lol.

  3. to me this is pure heaven!
    sorting through buttons and sewing ephemera is the best... lucky, lucky you; I'm so jealous!!!

  4. I love the doll parts and the creepyness of them too! I always see vintage buttons but never grab them. Looks like I need to do some button research!

  5. Amazing assortment of buttons. I love creepy doll bits too, but I never bring them home. I already have enough odd collections :) (dinosaur and robot toys, 90s VHS tapes...)


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