Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Hi and this is my decoupage globe

First off, I want to say hi!
I'm EddieDuckling, I usually blog over on Grey Duckling or Historic Crafts and this is my first post here on the Thrift Collective and I want to show off something I thrifted a while back. I life in the UK where I do the most of my thrifting at car-boot sales, charity shops and of course my favourite, the skip. I also do a bit of thrifting when I am back in Denmark where I am from, but unfortunately skips really are the last resort there and you are not allowed to buy or take anything out once it is behind those gates. But there is still good deals to be had in the local charity shops out in the country side.

My take on the things I buy at the moment is very much one of changing or adding to them in some way. This globe is a good example of that.

The globe itself was quite pretty but the metal holding it was an awful gold colour. Also the bottom was wood that had been infected by woodworm at some point. Therefore, I treated the wood with woodworm treatment and covered it with decoupage of photos from a history book. I painted the metal with a dark grey. I quite love the final effect.


  1. I like the colorful and eclectic base, excellent work on this one! :D


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