Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Feeling Furry?

Thrift. Faux. Fur. Need I say more?

I found this leopard print jacket and full-length tan coat lined hemmed with faux fur at Goodwill for only $7 and $12 respectively. The size kids large leopard print jacket looked quite lonesome on a nearly empty rack next to the fitting room stalls. It's bright coat and dark spots just hung there at the forefront of the rejection rack, waiting for the Goodwill employee to take it back to the kids' section and stuff it, once again, into darkness between other coats and jackets. Someday someone would have the determination to pull apart those clothes and yank out the beautiful black collared wonder...
Seriously? Are these people crazy? The beautiful and luscious leopard print is pouncing onto every accessory and clothing item imaginable. I spotted that dotted cat from a mile away, made a bee line to that rack, and yanked down the coat before it could say "meow." Tried it, bought it, love it. Tip: always check the reject racks. They're full of wonderful surprises. Going to one: the rejection rack, and two: in a thrift store is like a double dose of "another person's trash is someone else's treasure." As for this full-length coat, (which received the same wondrous and astonished reaction), it's quite old school, but I'm going to rock it like it's new. Because it is. To me.

I will be styling both of these come my return to chilly Seattle where the winter season is in full swing. I've owned them for a month now, but one: I couldn't fit them in my carry-on and two: hell no am I wearing these in a place where it's hot like hell. For more on fur and animal print, please visit Fashionwrites.


  1. Wow your finds are truly wonderful treasures - yes I love the double-dip nature of finding a thrifted garment in the reject rack;). You are so lucky to have found these - I LOVE the coat - I had one like that in the early 90s and wish I still had it! I love your blog and I'm now following you:) xo

  2. love those coats! especially the longer one, the collar looks lush :)


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