Sunday, December 26, 2010

The creepiest thrift score that I adore

Do you have one of those weird thrift store finds that you just can't seem to part with?
For me it's this crazy antique family portrait.
I picked it up about 6 years ago in a Thrift Store in Louisville, KY for under $10.
My mom thought I was nuts, but I just couldn't resist wanting to know more about this strange clan.
This young man is hauntingly interesting.
I don't really know much about these hand tinted old photos mounted on canvas (which I think it is).  
It measures 16 X 20 & has some water damage and paint loss.  
I guess I should consider having it restored...
or I'm kicking some ideas around to use it in a mixed media art piece.
She's very serious.
Too bad it's suffered such damage.
This portrait is definitely the creepiest score that I adore!


  1. I absolutely would have bought that. It's just too creepy not to.
    How sad it's damaged. Although, maybe that makes it that much more interesting.
    Excellent find!

  2. I totally would of grabbed it too! Any chance of finding a super ornate gold frame for it?

    That would look so good with the aqua background.

  3. It is super creepy, but that's what makes it so interesting! The damage could be part of the appeal, especially if you follow Ana's suggestion and do the ornate gold frame - grunge and glam, you know? Or maybe too creepy Gothic?

  4. This is such an amazing find! Am I the only person who thinks the first guy belongs on the cover of a cheesy VC Andrews novel?!?!

  5. I'm scared and have a feeling that face will be in my dreams tonight!!

  6. The damage is located at such an auspicious place.

    It would be so very, very zombie cool to insert or draw his skull and skeletal smile where the hole is.

    It's just begging for it.


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