Sunday, December 5, 2010

Beautiful Mystery

I hit up a few Yard Sales this weekend, and came home with some pretty fun things.  Here are a few of my favorites.  But I need a little help identifying one of these crazy items!
This Weekend's Loot

Here's my Beautiful Mystery...

When I came across this interesting item even the seller couldn't tell me what it was for.  Regardless, for $1.oo I couldn't resist it's uncommon beauty.  It would be a great base for a mixed media art piece!

There is a hole at the top & bottom so obviously it's meant to hang on a wall.  The handle moves the hook up and down.  

The manufacture label on the back says enolinea, which is an Italian woodworking & furniture company that was established in 1928.  But most of the other info I could find was in I'm stumped.  Any ideas?


  1. I'm thinking it's a can crusher or a bottle opener?

    I'm loving that red ceramic girl!

  2. Yep- I agree with Ana. It is similar in mechanism and appearance to some antique bottle openers I've seen. Fun stuff!!

  3. Thanks Ana, I was thinking possibly bottle opener too...but can crusher makes sense!
    The little ceramic girl is really sweet, I originally bought her to list on my Etsy shop but am finding myself getting a little attached as she stares at me from across the room :-)

  4. Let me know if it ends up for sale!

  5. I think it's a lock (like on the back of a u-haul truck) mounted on wood. It's art darling!

  6. Talk about different!!

    Love these grabs.

    Sigh, how I wished I lived in Melbourne.Art/Culture central of the country, I loved it to BITS!


  7. I'm in love with your beautiful mystery, too! And the red kokeshi doll. And the ornaments! Yes, do let us know if any of those bits go up for sale. That's an amazing haul!

  8. I am a bit late to the guessing game, but I just discovered this blog.... I think the mystery peice is some kind of locking device for an old door, gate, trush tail gate...moving truck....IDK but I would definatly put my money opn "locking device".

  9. OK Everyone...I finally solved the mystery. It's a Wall Cork-Skrew!!!
    I dug around more on the Enolinea website & low and behold here was the beautiful mystery...

    The example I have is much older that the one here, and it seems like a pretty difficult way to open wine...but regardless, I suppose the mystery is no more :-)


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