Sunday, November 14, 2010

Upsala Ekeby Lamp

One of my best finds I gotta say...
When I spotted this lamp at the Goodwill it had a ratty old burlap shade stuck on it.
That might have been what kept it 'hidden' so I'm glad for that!

I knew this pattern however, having sold a vase like it on Etsy. Made by the Swedish
designer Ingrid Atterberg for Upsala Ekeby, it is signed and numbered on the bottom.

It has a grand scale- the base alone is 30" high and it weighs a tonne!
I happened to have the perfect shade- a vintage fibreglass Lotte shade which I scored at a thrift about a year ago.

Looking online lamps this size from this maker go in the $700.-$1,000. range.

This might end up being a keeper actually...


  1. Oooh, yea, a keeper for SURE! It looks great, especially with that Lotte shade. Maybe 20 years from now it will be worth 10x that much. ;)

  2. then I could retire, haha!

    anyone else notice the ghost with the eye in the background in the top pic... whoa....

  3. Okay, first of all: DROOL!
    Second - KEEP IT.
    Third? That shade is absolutely perfect.

    You must have paid some serious thrifting karma, girl!

  4. maybe that's my thrifting karma ghost winking at me!

  5. Keep it, don't spite the Thrift Gods who gave you this blessing! It's a beautiful piece of work.


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